Bristol - Meyers Squibb Earth


On April 28, 2016 @11am, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) will hold an Earth Day Celebration at our Lawrenceville facility from

The event is sponsored by the BMS Lawrenceville Go Green team, which is an employee driven effort to raise employee awareness of environmental issues and support actions in the workplace and at home that

reduce our burden on the environment.  The 2016 theme is the “The Power of One” and the 5Rs:

RETHINK consumption, REDUCE waste generation, REUSE things, RECYCLE materials, RESPOND with improvements

The BMS Earth Day Celebration will feature a limited number of selected external groups that have a demonstrated

activities, services and products to BMS employees. The primary purpose of the celebration is to provide information


Information about the Celebration:


Our site houses 2,600 employee/consultants and we anticipate about 300-500 will actively participate in the Celebration.  

 The taking of photographs at any of our sites is strictly forbidden without prior authorization.

Thank you for your commitment to the environment and for your interest in the BMS Earth Day Celebration.