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How To Set Porsche Cruise Control

Cruise control allows your Porsche to be driven at a particular speed without having to press your foot on the accelerator, allowing your vehicle to be driven on auto-pilot basically. They are usually used on motorways or A-roads that do not have frequent stops or turns. Here is a guide on how you can set your Porsche cruise control.

While cruise control may differ slightly depending on the model of the vehicle, a majority of the systems function in a similar way.

Firstly, you will have to work up to your desired speed. In order for cruise control to be enabled, you will have to be going at a speed of at least 30mph consistently.

Turn on the cruise control using the controls found behind or on your steering wheel once you have reached the speed you desire. Enabling cruise control will set a light off on your dashboard.

After the system has been switched on, it is time to set the system. Use the “set” button which will signal to your car to continue driving at the present speed. The dashboard indicator will turn green and you will be able to take off your foot from the pedal and your Porsche will retain its speed.

To accelerate, use the “+” button or up arrow to increase the car’s speed. You can also put your foot back on the accelerator to override the cruise control system and drive normally.

In a similar manner, you can decelerate by using the “-” button or down arrow on the system. To override the cruise control system, step on the brake.

Additional cruise control system functions include the “cancel” button which allows you to put the cruise control system on pause, giving you complete control of the car again without actually fully switching the system off. When you turn your cruise control system back on, it should maintain the speed you have set prior. You can return to the speed you have previously programmed with the “resume” button.

While cruise control can make driving easier, it is not safe to be used in every situation. Avoid cruise control when you are driving on winding roads, in heavy traffic, going downhill or when driving toward a bridge. Cruise control should also not be used on slippery roads during heavy rain, snow, or hailstorms as they run the risk of sliding. Lastly, while it might be tempting to allow your Porsche to drive on auto-pilot when you are feeling tired or late at night, the cruise control system should never be used in such situations. Not having to keep your foot on the pedal to control the car can make it easier to nod off which can result in you losing control of your vehicle, resulting in potentially lethal accidents.

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