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How To Replace Windshield Wipers For Porsche Cars

Regular vehicle maintenance often overlooks wiper blades, even though they are easy to replace. Driving in adverse weather conditions can be hazardous when you have worn-out wiper blades. The wear and tear on your wiper blades may not be apparent until they fade gradually over the course of time. Keeping that in mind, when is the appropriate time to change your wiper blades?

If you live in a wet climate or if your wiper blades are worn out, replace them every six months. Water, dirt, or residue left behind by wiper blades while swiping is a sign that they are not doing their job efficiently.

Moreover, if they are wobbling or making screeching sounds instead of smoothly moving over your windshield, it’s time to replace them. But how to replace windshield wipers for Porsche cars is the question. Keep reading to know the answer.

Steps to Replace Windshield Wipers for Porsche Cars

Wiper blade replacement on Porsche cars is a simple process that can be performed anywhere. You will normally have to reach under the edge of the hood to pull up and remove the wiper arm base, which makes replacing the blade a challenge. 

If you are going to replace your wiper blades, we suggest that you turn your car’s ignition on and run the wipers for a short period of time. You can stop the blades in mid-swipe by turning off the ignition while they are sweeping across the windscreen. As a result, the wiper arms should now be able to be pulled upright away from the windshield, making it easy for you to reach the blades.

  • The arm meets the blade where a release tab or button exists. Push it to release the arm. The wiper blade should be able to be gently pushed away from the arm now. On many new Porsche vehicles, you’ll find an adapter system that keeps wiper blades attached instead of a hook-shaped mechanism.
  • If necessary, close the supplied release tab once the old wiper blade has been removed from the arm. Turn your ignition back on so the wiper blade returns to its off position after placing the wiper blade back on the windshield.

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