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How To Change Porsche Car Key Batteries

Porsche key fobs let you lock, unlock, and start your brand-new Porsche with a single touch, and the fobs themselves are rarely needed for repairs. You are searching for information about how to change Porsche car key batteries, which is what brought you here today!

The battery of your Porsche key fob may need to be replaced if it is becoming weak or has completely stopped working. You can do this yourself quickly and easily!

Our team is perfectly positioned to provide all the information you require. Take a look at the following to learn more.

What is the Right Time to Replace Porsche Key Fob Batteries?

Next time you go errands, you might discover that your Porsche key fob doesn’t work as it should. A simple battery change will almost certainly suffice in that case.

Here are just a few signs to watch out for:

  • Start-up difficulty: Your key fob’s battery may be running low if it takes multiple attempts to start.
  • Unlocking and locking problems: You may be unable to lock or unlock your doors if your battery is nearing its end.
  • Warning on the dashboard: On your dashboard, a warning light is usually illuminated if your key fob is losing battery power.

Procedure for Porsche Key Fob Battery Replacement

Your Porsche owner’s manual or online search will help you identify the right key fob battery type. Here are the steps you need to take once you have it:

  • The emergency key must first be removed in order to access the battery in your key. To access the key’s back, flip it over.
  • Next, when the release dial on the backside of the key is pressed, the emergency key will be revealed.
  • The key should be pulled out moderately and lifted up against the elastic covering.
  • Next attempt to separate the circular, black piece of plastic from the rest of the fob. Note that some key versions require you to remove the key entirely before removing the back cover using a small screwdriver.
  • Install the new battery after removing the old one. Inspect the new battery to make sure it is siding the proper way.
  • Put the cover back on, press it together gently, and place it in its usual place. Later, put the emergency key back where it belongs.

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