How To Adjust A Porsche Car Clock

Resetting your Porsche’s clock at least twice a year is necessary if you live in the United States. It is always a wise idea to plan ahead and to plan backward, i.e., spring and fall. When it comes to making this change, you might want to consider preparing your vehicle for the changing seasons as well.

In your Porsche, you can adjust the clock by accessing the Multi-Function Display and either the control lever found on the lower right side of the steering column or the rotary knob on the multi-function steering wheel. When you are ready to precede, stop, put your car in “Park” and engage the parking brake to ensure your safety.

This guide will show you how to adjust a Porsche car clock and all Porsche Panameras and 911 Carreras, Macans, Cayennes, Boxsters, and Caymans with PCMs including Navigation are subject to this process. Keep reading!

Step 1: Look for a Rotary Knob or Lever

A steering wheel rotary knob or a lever located on the lower right side of the steering wheel column may be used to control the dashboard’s multi-function display. This depends on your vehicle’s options.

The right side of the steering wheel will have a scrolling button for operating the multi-function display if you have a multi-functional steering wheel.

Do enlighten yourself about these controls by taking a moment to read through the instructions below.

Steering wheel with multi-functions

  • The rotary knob can be used to select or enter
  • Roll the knob up to scroll up
  • Roll the knob downwards to scroll down
  • Under the rotary knob, there is a return button. Click that to return to the previous screen.

Turn the steering wheel on the lever

  • The switch needs to be pushed toward the dashboard in order to select or enter
  • Lift the switch up to scroll up
  • Push the switch downward to scroll down
  • The switch will return you to your previous screen if you pull it toward yourself.

Step 2: Choose a Vehicle

Select a vehicle from the multi-function display and scroll through the different screens. Choose this screen.

Step 3: Choose a Setting

To access settings, scroll down and click it.

Step 4: Decide on a Date and Time

The date and time option can be found by scrolling down and selecting the desired time.

Step 5: Choose Summer time or DST (+01:00)

In order to set the vehicle’s time “back” one hour, scroll down and uncheck the DST (+01:00) or Summer time option.

Step 6: Choose a Time and Date

You will see the time move back an hour once you unselect the DST (+01:00) or Summer time boxes. And that’s it you are done adjusting the Porsche car clock!

Contact Porsche of Princeton for Help

For assistance, or if your Porsche car’s multi-function interface does not match this above-mentioned process, feel free to contact the Porsche of Princeton service team for help.


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