2022 Porsche Panamera vs. 2022 Audi RS7

The 2022 Porsche Panamera is a splendid super car with a lavish cabin, gorgeous appearance and out of this world performance. But can it surpass the 2022 Audi RS7, a car which has received praise for its stunning body work, rocket acceleration and refined handling?

Design & Style

The RS7 is a hatchback with 4 doors and a sleek exterior. It has prominent haunches and is powered by a dual turbo engine. It seats a maximum of four occupants who will be pampered by plush seats, ritzy trim and the latest infotainment. Its newest features include ornate floor mats, dark seat belts, surfaces covered in micro suede, and carbon fiber.

The Porsche Panamera is one of the most beautiful cars we’ve ever laid eyes on. It too has four doors but is capable of seating five when purchased in the Sport Turismo variant. A fastback style roofline can be seen above, which reinforces its racy appearance, and its newest features include door sills made from aluminum, twenty one inch wheels, blacked out trim and improved infotainment.

Technology & Safety

The Porsche Panamera features the latest driver assistance functions. These include lane management, automated emergency brakes, multiple airbags, and blind area monitoring along with automatic alerts for cross traffic in back. Amenities within its cabin are expansive and include wifi, multizone climate control, twelve inch touch displays, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, powered seats that can be heated or cooled, and a navigation system.

The Audi RS7 has the same features found in the Porsche, including night vision which can identify pedestrians or animals in dark environments. It also has automated emergency brakes, frontal impact alerts, cruise control which is adaptive and blind area monitoring. Its luxury features include climate control, wifi, voice recognition and an audio system from Bang & Olufsen featuring nineteen speakers.


The Audi RS7 offers serious performance. Those that purchase it will get a V8, 4 liter engine that can generate 591 horsepower with 590 pounds of torque, enabling it to blaze from zero to sixty in about 3 seconds. Those that purchase the Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid will get a 552 horsepower engine that can accelerate from zero to sixty in 2.9 seconds.

The Bottom Line

The Porsche Panamera and Audi RS7 are both fabulous and evenly matched performance wise. However, the Panamera seats an extra passenger and the Audi RS7 has fussy controls which are too touch sensitive, and its hybrid braking system lacks the refinement one would expect for a vehicle with its price tag, factors which make the Porsche Panamera the winner.

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