2022 Porsche Boxster vs. 2022 Audi TT

The 2022 Porsche Boxster offers you a well-rounded performance with its lively engines and energetic handling. The luxury sports car easily claims a spot towards the top of most ranking charts, delivering maximum strength and smooth rides. If you are still undecided on your next ride, check out what other features the Porsche Boxster has to offer. We have also taken the liberty to compare it against the 2022 Audi TT so you can weigh your options.

Design & Style

The Boxster features a first-rate cabin interior that is well-built with plenty if stylish surface coverings. The vehicle also offers a wide array of upgrade options which can further accentuated its upscale style. Its cabin is well-insulated, blocking out most external noises for maximum comfort. The car seats two people on partial leather-upholstered seats that come with heat and adjustments as standard.

The Audi TT is a stylish vehicle but it is rather lacking of cabin space. Its interior looks modern and clean-cut, with plenty of soft materials adorned on its surfaces. The car can support up to four people on its comfortable front seats that are well-bolstered. Leg and headroom are adequate but only at the front row. Its back row is significantly tiny and even small children will feel suffocated.

Technology & Safety

The Porsche Boxster is readily loaded with a variety of tech features including a satellite radio, a 7 inch touchscreen, 6 speakers, an HD radio, two USB ports, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay. Safety tech of the car is comprised of tools like parking sensors at the front and back, a rearview camera, and adaptive headlamps.

The Audi TT features a number of technological tools such as navigation, a 12.3 inch digital cluster, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, 12 speakers, HD radio, USB ports, Bluetooth, and wireless charging. Safety tools of the car include blind spot monitor, rearview camera, and parking sensors.


The Porsche Boxster runs on a 2L turbo engine that can put out 300 hp. Its estimated EPA rating is 20 mpg and 26 mpg for city and highway.

The Audi TT is powered by a base 2L turbo engine that delivers 228 hp with an estimated EPA rating of 23 mpg / 30 mpg for city / highway travels.

The Bottom Line

The Porsche Boxster is hard to beat from a performance standpoint. It stands out amongst its competitors within its vehicle class, delivering sporty handling and spirited powertrains. In terms of its pricing, the Boxster is much more affordable too, thus making it a high-performance sports luxury car that is value for money. If you are in the market for a luxury cruiser that offers you with maximum power and appeal, the Boxster is a definite choice that is worth considering.

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