2021 Porsche Macan vs. 2021 Audi Q8

The 2021 Audi Q8 is a lovely SUV. It has a roomy interior, intoxicating performance and an outstanding safety record. But what happens when it goes up against the 2021 Porsche Macan, an SUV which has received critical acclaim for its formidable V6 engine, exceptional build quality and fantastic riding experience?

Design & Style

The Porsche Macan is distinctive for its side blades and gorgeous color. Black and silver looks best, and within the cabin passengers will be presented with soothing leather seats and a dashboard covered in various buttons and screens. Each surface is covered in high end materials and buyers have the option of a dark or light hue, both of which look amazing. The Audi Q8 is quite angular, with a broad nose that has been masterfully sculpted. Wide intakes are visible outside with thick sides, wheel arches and a roof pillar. The interior is lit by ambient lights along with a collection of touchscreens near the central stack. This gives passengers access to all the info they need whenever they want it. The seats can be configured in multiple colors and brown or silver looks best.

Technology & Safety

Both independent and federal testing agencies have given the Audi Q8 praise when it comes to its many safety countermeasures. These include lane departure notifications, automated emergency brakes and cruise and lane control. It also has blind area monitoring and airbags for side, front and rear impacts. It has systems designed to alleviate driver fatigue, and luxuries within the cabin include heated seats, ten inch touchscreens, Bluetooth support, smartphone compatibility, panoramic sunroof and climate control. The Porsche Macan has many of the safety features found in the Audi Q8, including gear designed to help the vehicle avoid impacts and cruise control which is adaptive. It has a host of luxury features, such as powered and ventilated seats, climate control which covers multiple zones, premium audio and smartphone compatibility.


While most SUVs aren’t built for speed, the Porsche Macan is an exception. It is equipped with a turbo 4, 2 liter engine that can accelerate from zero to sixty in just 6.3 seconds, and those looking for even more power can upgrade to the V6. The Audi Q8 comes with a 3 liter V6 engine that can generate 335 horsepower that is capable of blazing from zero to sixty in about 5.6 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Both of these SUVs are almost tied when it comes to performance, safety and luxury features.  However, the biggest weakness of the Audi Q8 is its poor outward vision, which increases the likelihood of accidents and undermines many of the safety features, making the Porsche Macan the winner.

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