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2018 Porsche Macan vs. 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

The 2018 Porsche Macan and Land Rover Velar are proof that crossover SUVs can be stylish and comfortable while offering exceptional handling. Both vehicles are also easy on the eyes and carry a similar price tag, but which is the better buy?

Design & Style

Each vehicle is stylish, with an exterior that is very elegant. The Porsche Macan, despite being an SUV, has an overall look which pays homage to Porsche cars, which is quite impressive. The Land Rover Velar, on the other hand, is sufficiently distinct from other Land Rovers, so much so that it may not be recognizable as being a Land Rover at first glance.

Technology & Safety

Those who choose the Porsche Macan will spend less time pumping gas, which gives it an edge in convenience. With regarding seating, each vehicle seats an identical number of passengers (five to be exact), so neither has a significant advantage in this area. However, the Land Rover Velar has more space for cargo, meaning you can carry more stuff. In terms of infotainment, gadgets and other interior perks, both vehicles are tied. Each could be described as a five-star hotel on wheels, and for the asking price, they’d better be.


Both the Land Rover Velar and Porsche Macan feature a V6, inline 4 engines. However, the Land Rover has less torque, which means that it doesn’t transfer wheel power as well as the Macan. However, the Land Rover has a turning radius which is smaller in comparison to the Porsche, which means that it’s easier to get it in or out of tight areas. Both of these SUVs are evenly matched when it comes to towing capacity, with the Land Rover Velar having a slight edge in horsepower.

The Bottom Line

Comparing these two SUVs is no easy task, as both are so similar in multiple areas. A fully equipped Land Rover Velar will set you back about $89,000, while are fully equipped Porsche Macan costs about $88,000. And this is where the Land Rover has a problem. When deciding between two vehicles which are so closely matched every metric count, and the Velar lags behind where it counts the most. It is more expensive, not just in price, but in fuel capacity, and when you consider the fact that both vehicles are essentially tied when it comes to their performance and handling, why shell out an extra $1,000 for an SUV that won’t do much more? Therefore the Porsche Macan is the better deal.

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