2018 Porsche Macan vs. 2018 BMW X3

There are many car models out there which will definitely leave you breathtakingly astounded. Among the most popular ones are the 2018 Porsche Macan and the 2018 BMW X3. These two cars have features that make them stand out among the rest. However, if you try to compare one with that of the other, you will realize which between the two will give your money’s worth. Read on through this comparison to find out more about what we are talking about.

Design & Style

The 2018 Porsche Macan has been one of the most popular car models from Porsche since its launch. Imagine how the beautifully-crafted, rugged exterior suits the taste of those looking for the most elegant cars yet. Those LED headlights prove that it took some modern turns during its manufacture. Inside the cabin, you will notice not just the quality of the materials which were used to make it. You will also see that it is sturdy right in there. It is gifted with a generous space as well.

As for the 2018 BMW X3, you will also see that it has been gifted with generous cabin space. This is evident as you see the car from the outside. Comfort and overall quality of materials are given plus points for this car model too. However, if there is one thing that will make you back out from the purchase once you have looked into what else it can offer, that will be the set of buttons and knobs placed here and there, thus cramping up the dashboard.

Technology & Safety

There are plenty of technology and safety features that add to the impeccable styling of the 2018 Porsche Macan. Its infotainment system remains to be one of the most reliable interfaces out there. Safety aids are also remarkable for the car. It includes forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot monitoring, among others.

There are also plenty of technologies that you will see in the 2018 BMW X3. The question is: do they function as promised? Take for instance the inclusion of the iDrive system with which BMW cars are known for. This one lacks the functionalities that you are looking for in a supercar. Even WiFi hotspot lags when used.


The 2018 Porsche Macan is gifted with a 3.0-liter, V6 engine that enables it to maximize its output. This can reach up to as high as 340 horsepower and 339lb-ft of torque. When it comes to the 2018 BMW X3, you will get a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine under its hood. With this, it is only capable of producing results that can reach up to 240 horsepower and 260lb-ft of torque.

The Bottom Line

There are indeed a lot of reasons to love the 2018 Porsche Macan as mentioned in the comparison made above. You will definitely get more than your money’s worth once you decide to invest in one.

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