2018 Porsche Macan vs. 2018 Audi Q5

The 2018 Porsche Macan and Audi Q5 have several commonalities. Both are produced within Volkswagen’s umbrella, provide five-star luxury amenities and have various mechanical parts which are similar. This could make it challenging for prospective buyers to decide which one is best, but make no mistake, these two compact SUVs are distinct and the comprehensive report below will show how.

Design & Style

While the two SUVs are well matched in terms of exterior appearance, the interior is a different matter. The Audi Q5 was subject to a complete redesign that dramatically upgraded its interior, particularly the upholstery, and its stitch patterns are more advanced than that provided by the Porsche Macan, which is really saying something, as the Macan is impressive in its own right.

Technology & Safety

While looks are important, so is functionality, and this is where the Porsche Macan shines. It has more space than the Audi in both the front and rear, with outstanding visibility and seats which are always supportive. While the Audi Q5 does have good space in the front, the rear seat is tighter than desired. In terms of safety and reliability, the Porsche Macan has also received better scores than the Audi in the past. The Audi Q5 however has substantially more cargo space, with a total of sixty cubic feet when the seats in the rear are folded. The Porsche, by comparison, has a maximum of fifty-three cubic feet.


While the Audi Q5 has excellent performance, the Porsche Macan outclasses it. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Porsche vehicles are highly regarded for their performance metrics and have competed successfully in races for decades. The Macan comes equipped with a V6 twin turbo engine with 400 horsepower that can reach sixty miles per hour in about 4.4 seconds, while the Audi Q5 is limited to a four cylinder, 252 horsepower engine. While it can upgrade to a V6 with 353 horsepower, the Macan will still beat it.

The Bottom Line

The Audi Q5 has a slight edge on the Porsche Macan when it comes to infotainment, but not enough to make a real difference. At the end of the day, both offer similar gadgets and gizmos, the Audi just offers a few more. The Audi is also cheaper than the Porsche, at $41,500 versus $48,000. But this is large because its performance is not as impressive. For those that want a compact SUV that looks good, has sufficient interior amenities and maximum performance, then the Porsche Macan is worth the extra $6,500,

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