2018 Porsche 718 Boxster vs. 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Type R

Looking at both the 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster and 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Type R at first glance, you will say that the two are very promising. Car shoppers in Lawrenceville New Jersey recognize that fact that is why they are commonly caught between these two when making a final decision as to which to invest on next. Find out through this comparison why the Porsche is a better choice over its Honda counterpart.

Design & Style

The 20-inch wheels of the 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Type R makes it really an impressive ride that can bring you to the farthest places with the promised comfort that you have always wanted. That is matched by a large cabin with enough legroom and clever storage solutions. Getting in and out of the car is quite difficult though.

A body that is sturdy but has been built to exude luxury – this is what defined the 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster from the outside. Getting inside it, you will be delighted to find out more about what it can offer. Apart from an uncluttered dashboard with buttons that are properly labeled, you will love the cabin for its stylish design. The power-folding soft top is also what defines this convertible.

Technology & Safety

Taking a look into the 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Type R which forms part of the Sport Touring model for the car maker, you will get technologies like adaptive dampers, automatic climate control and Bluetooth interface. It only has a four-speaker audio system which is below the six-speaker system of the Boxster.

You will surely love the technology and safety features built in with the basic trim level for the Porsche 718 Boxster. Think of USB ports, audio systems, and a Bluetooth interface and you will no longer ask for more. Get to discover how power and heated seats work and learn about the climate control function and you will be amazed by what this car can offer.


The 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster is gifted with a 2.0-liter, a four-cylinder engine can produce up to as much as 280lb-ft of torque and 300 horsepower which is definitely already a selling point for this car. Meanwhile, the 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Type R running on the same size of engine generates almost the same power at 285lb-ft of torque and 306 horsepower. This places both at an almost equal footing along this aspect.

The Bottom Line

Considering all aspects relevant in making a final decision as to what car to buy next, you will surely understand why the Porsche 718 Boxster is a good buy. The Honda Civic Hatchback has its own share of greatness but it does not offer the total package that the Porsche does.

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