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    Each new generation of the Porsche 911 introduces new heresy into the model’s storied history. Purists bemoan technological advances, but enthusiasts still buy 911s as fast as Porsche makes them. For 2017, Porsche updates the 911 portfolio with the Turbo, Turbo S and GT3 models. No disrespect to the Turbo S — it’s the fastest 911 on the lot — but the ... Read More

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    Like George and Weezy, the Porsche Boxster is movin’ on up. Of course, the previous generations of the Boxster weren’t exactly slumming it — on the contrary. Roughly 300,000 examples were sold during its first decade and a half of production, making it one of the most popular convertibles on the planet. But there was always a distinct sense that it was the... Read More

    Boxster 718
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    There's so much going on beneath the skin as the 718 Boxster dances its pavement hustle, it bears some study. There's a traction-control system that can send torque front and rear as the need arises; there's an available torque-vectoring system, where an electronically locking differential across the rear axle gives even more precise control over power delivery.... Read More

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    If there’s one thing the 2017 Porsche Cayenne needed, it was more power; after all, the best last year’s Cayenne could do was 500 horsepower in Turbo guise. Porsche had to do something, so what the hey, why not give the Turbo a 10 percent hp boost and call this new creation the Cayenne Turbo S? So it was that the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S became the big news for 2017, ... Read More

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    The 2017 Porsche Cayman, is a nearly perfect sports car. It’s usually easy to see how a car could be improved, even when it’s considered the segment’s latest and greatest, but this Cayman has us scratching our heads. Short of giving this coupe wings, or perhaps making it amphibious, we’re not sure how Porsche could do any better. However, we certainly ... Read More

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    There's so much going on beneath the skin as the Macan dances its pavement hustle, it bears some study. There's a traction-control system that can send torque front and rear as the need arises; there's an available torque-vectoring system, where an electronically locking differential across the rear axle gives even more precise control over power delivery.... Read More

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    Major changes come the Porsche Panamera’s way for 2017, as the lineup expands to include a long-wheelbase Executive body style and a plug-in S E-Hybrid variant. A new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 for non-hybrid S trims replaces the previous naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8, and all models get standard variable-ratio steering. There are also a few subtle styling tweaks, including a new... Read More

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Staff Directory

Brian S. Miller

Brian S. Miller | Dealer Principal

Bryon Eng

Bryon Eng | General Manager

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 520 • Email: beng@princetonporsche.com

Melissa Kempkes

Melissa Kempkes | Accounting Manager

Erick Pardo

Erick Pardo | Porsche Certified Sales Manager

Erick has been with the Porsche brand for almost 9 years. He’s very professional and extremely product knowledgeable. He will always treat you like family, and his number one priority is to make the client happy. When you visit Porsche of Princeton, you will meet Erick, he’s involved early in the process to assure you have the best experience possible.

Phone: 609.945.1500 • Email: epardo@princetonporsche.com

Jinal Patel

Jinal Patel | Porsche Certified Pre-Owned Manager

Jinal loves working for Porsche of Princeton and helping his clients in customizing their new Porsches.  His goal is to make sure all of his clients are completely satisfied.  He spends his free time working out, playing volleyball and enjoying his time with family and friends.

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 517 • Email: jpatel@princetonporsche.com

Francine O'Donnell

Francine O’Donnell | Business Manager

Francine has been in the industry for 15 years, 4 of those years have been with Porsche. She enjoys spending time with family, and is happy to be back in the Porsche world by joining Porsche of Princeton! 

Email: fodonnell@princetonporsche.com

Ralph Vanaman

Ralph Vanaman | Porsche Certified Service Manager

Ralph has been in the automotive industry for 28 years.  His degree is in Education, but he decided to join the automotive business because he wanted to give customers a person they could trust and count on.  Working for Porsche is the pinnacle of his career. Ralph spends his free time with his son, Alexander, and playing softball.

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 514 • Email: ralph@princetonporsche.com

Stephen  Sedor

Stephen Sedor | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

Stephen’s Porsche passion began early in life, when at the age of ten his uncle gave him a ride in his new 944 and his smile was ear to ear as they were flat out around corners. He knew then that someday had to own one, so he read everything about Porsche he could get his hands on. Stephen’s enthusiasm and brand knowledge earned him a job offer here at Porsche of Princeton over a decade ago, and enabled him to own and race the finest automobiles in the world. ‘ “Over the years, one thing has remained crystal clear to me: There truly is no substitute.’ “


Phone: 609.945.1500 • Email: ssedor@princetonporsche.com

David DiBernardo

David DiBernardo | Porsche Sales Brand Ambassador

David has been with Porsche of Princeton for 4 years. He understands the client needs and works diligently to the end. He enjoys kayaking, fishing & bicycling.


Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 512 • Email: ddibernardo@princetonporsche.com

Michael Quaglietta

Michael Quaglietta | Porsche Sales Brand Ambassador

Michael is a very creative thinker. Why is that such a terrific trait in a Porsche sales person? Because Michael is always thinking of ways to put his customers in the car of their dreams. Whether it is searching the country for the perfect new car or finding the best pre-owned car, Michael always has his creative mind engaged. The results: Michael has assembled a long list of very satisfied customers. If your new or pre owned car search has come up empty and you have hit a road block, stop in and see Michael, he will make the impossible possible.

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 518 • Email: mquaglietta@princetonporsche.com

Kevin Lucarelli

Kevin Lucarelli | Porsche Sales Brand Ambassador

Kevin’s passion for cars started when he was only 5 years old. Whether it was collecting models or memorizing new makes and models, he couldn’t get enough. Kevin studied Automotive Technology at a divison of Penn State while becoming a volunteer firefighter. Injuries kept him from persuing his passion for firefighting, but not from cars. He spends his free time working on his own cars, traveling, and spending time with his family. Kevin has worked for several dealerships but he knew from day one that this one was different. “I no longer feel as though we just sell cars. I represent the greatest sports car manufacturer in the world, and its a dream come true to be a part of it.”

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 511 • Email: kevinl@princetonporsche.com

Robert Vitalis

Robert Vitalis | Porsche Sales Brand Ambassador

I am a Sales professional with more than 20 years in the luxury auto industry. I have had the good fortune of meeting some incredible people in this industry. I’m pleased to have created a broad base of clients throughout these years, and I look forward to building my business!

Phone: 609.945.1500 • Email: rvitalis@princetonporsche.com

Michael Laskowski

Michael Laskowski | Porsche Certified Product Specialist & Marketing Coordinator

Michael is new to the Porsche brand. Recently graduated from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Industrial Design. Utilizing his design skills Michael will be helping the brand grow and improve upon it’s image on all levels from social media, to events, marketing, etc. He is also responsible for the starting of the Porsche of Princeton YOUTUBE channel.  Upon delivery of your new Porsche, Michael is our genius when it comes to setting the car exactly to your liking. Ever since he was a kid cars have always been his love and passion. Being a part of The Porsche Club of North America  great opportunties have opened up with the brand. Now working for Porsche of Princeton, he is able to share this passion with his work and clients alike.

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 521 • Email: mikel@princetonporsche.com

Brett Tokar

Brett Tokar | Porsche Certified Client Service Advisor

Brett has been in the automotive service industry for over 10 years.  He enjoys putting focus on the customer relationship and treats everyone like a friend.  He has a strong passion for working with a company that takes a high interest in product performance and quality above all.  Brett is constantly striving to further his knowledge in the brand and every aspect of the vehicle in order to better help his customers.  He hopes to have a long career working for a sports car brand that is clearly on the top of its market.


Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 513 • Email: btokar@princetonporsche.com

Alyssa  Oswald

Alyssa Oswald | Porsche Certified Client Service Adviser

Alyssa is one of our two service advisors. She has been with the brand now for 2 years with over 11 years in the automotive industry. With great people skills and knowlege of the Porsche brand Alyssa is the first desk you see when you walk into service with a constant smile on. Alyssa always puts the customer first and goes above and beyond to make the overall experience an exclusive Porsche of Princeton experience. 

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 502 • Email: aoswald@princetonporsche.com

Kevin Black

Kevin Black | Porsche Assistant Service Advisor

Even though he received his degree in political science, Kevin knew his passion was in cars. He is exited to learn about the Porsche brand and considers this to be a big highlight in his very young career. He looks forward to working with Porsche people, and owners in creating a great experience when visiting the service department. In his free time, he enjoys physical fitness, watching sports, and reading. 

Email: kblack@princetonporsche.com

Jessica  Benoist

Jessica Benoist | Porsche Certified Warranty Administrator

Jessica has been with us for 10 months now as our warranty adminstrator. Jessica is currently in school at Bucks County Community College with a focus in getting her Bachelor’s of science in Nursing. 

Phone: 609.945.1500 Ext. 523 • Email: jbenoist@princetonporsche.com

Joel Dill

Joel Dill | Porsche Certified Parts Advisor

Joel shares a passion for Porsche unmatched by many. Every day Joel comes in early with a goal to further his knowledge in order to provide an experience that customers come to expect from a rich and uncompromising Porsche history. From accessories to performance upgrades, Joel strives to help each customer achieve the potential of their vehicle.


Phone: 609.945.1500 • Email: jdill@princetonporsche.com

Anthony Sarro

Anthony Sarro | Porsche Certified Parts Advisor

Anthony has been in the automotive Industry for 6 years. He uses his background in psychology to listen and relate to the customer and their needs. Anthony strives to learn more about the Porsche brand each and every day. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his wife and son, and work on his Jeep!

Phone: 609.945.1500 • Email: asarro@princetonporsche.com

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